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What Our Clients Are Saying


“I’ve gained over 7 kg/15 lb with my Lean Mass XG Program in just under a year. No anabolic steroids and not many supplements either. Just the right food and hard training.”


Ari Zourides, 21, South Africa


“Over the course of roughly 6 months I used many of the cardio workouts and dietary plans from Xplosive Growth. I lost over 20 kg and dropped 8 inches off my waist”


Adam Kolker, 19, United states


“XG has motivated me In so many ways. It has made me challenge myself to live a healthy lifestyle and balance everything. The team is very friendly and is willing to help at any moment. It’s good to know that someone is watching you in order to achieve your goals.I lost 5 kg in 2 months on the XG Plan and I haven’t stopped training”


Nana Moroka, 21, South Africa


“After following the diet created for me I quickly began noticing differences in both my stats and physique. Being an ectomorph, I found it a struggle to put on mass, but as I followed the bulking plan and stuck to the needed macros, I began putting on weight, gained a lot size, and became a lot stronger. Since I have been given the diet plan I have put on 10 kg’s of muscle, and am feeling better than ever.” 


Dylano Netscher, 21, Netherlands 

Restrictive, rigid diets are a thing of the past. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle of flexibility and get the results you’ve always wanted.

The fitness and health world has become cluttered with short term health and fitness fads that produce short term results and leave you feeling restricted and unhappy.

We’re here to give you certainty when it comes to results and health.

Our nutritional programs are designed to include healthy nutritious food while taking into account your eating habits and preferences.

You’re boring, tasteless and I can’t stop cheating on you

XG Workout routines are designed to be challenging.

It’s  the true essence of fitness. We want you to push yourself past your comfort zone and discover your true potential. It’s all about high intensity exercises that burn fat and build muscle.

The goal is for you to feel incredible and look your best now and years to come.


No start date,

No end date,

A lifestyle of healthy choices and habits.


Custom Nutrition
Tailored Just For You

You’re an individual with unique tastes and preferences. Get a nutritional plan specifically tailored for your body. We take the most important things into consideration such as your lifestyle habits, body composition and goals. 

Most importantly, we create the program based on the foods you enjoy. You’ll be able to consistently follow the XG Nutritional Principles for the rest of your life.

Achieve your goals on your own terms!

Custom Workouts
Your body, Your goals

When it comes to training, goals are crucial. Want shredded abs or the classical aesthetic v- taper? how about a firm butt that turns heads? We know what to do when it comes to the physique. We will emphasize certain training techniques and principals based on your goals and make sure you’re progressing!

Online On on One Coaching
Your personal consultant

Have questions, clarifications or need general advice? Forget asking random dudes at the gym or your local supplement store. The XG Coach is just a Skype away! From supplement to training, the coach knows all.

Simply message The XG Coach when something’s on your mind and get the right answers.