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Jacques Fagan USN Sponsored Fitness Athlete Talks to Xplosive Growth


Check out this inspirational interview with the humble USN Ambassador  Jacques Fagan! 

Update: Jacques Fagan was officially awarded his WBFF Pro Card!

Share your story with us, how did you get into this lifestyle?

I was born and raised in the beautiful city Cape Town and moved up to Pretoria a year ago. I’ve always been a very active person and played rugby most of the time representing Western Province /U18 ,Western Province /U21 and also played Western Province Sevens. Injuries forced me to stop in 2010 and from there onwards I focused completely on the fitness industry. I’m proud to say that I’m a sponsored athlete and Ambassador for USN. My journey started 3 years ago when I decided to make a positive difference in my own life by stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on new opportunities. I always believe in myself as I follow the dream of living a life of success. Through this whole process, I make sure to stay humble, true to my morals, my values and myself.

What keeps you motivated?

The will to succeed keeps me motivated as well as learning and growing through all life’s experiences. Seeing my body change through the hard work I put in motivates me tremendously to improve more.

What are your plans for the future?

This year I’m just focusing on the MR SA Campaign and from next year I want to get myself onto an International fitness stage.

I Work for USN full time and I feel like my future lies there. I’m very happy, passionate and Inspired by the brand. I’m very much involved in the health & fitness industry. I try to give back by helping and inspiring people to reach their full potential.

My biggest mission is to own the respect of people all around SA and in fact the world by staying true to myself, morals and values and by letting my actions do the “TALKING”!

I live by this quote:


What does your training split look like?

  • Train twice a day: 45 min Cardio + Abs in morning & Weight training in afternoon
  • Focus on Quality… Lighter weights but more reps

Monday (Back) + 45 min Cardio & Abs in the Morning

Chin-ups wide grip3tilll failiure
Lat pull-downs315
Pull downs close grip315
Seated pully rows315
One arm dumbell row315

Tuesday  (Shoulders)+45 min Cardio & Abs in the Morning

Seated dumbbell press3tilll failiure
Military press barbell315
Side lateral raises315
Front lateral raises315
Upright Rows315

Wednesday (Legs) + 45 min Cardio & Abs in the Morning

Squat3tilll failiure
Leg press315
One leg lunges315
Leg extension315
Lying hamstring curls315
Seated calve raises315
Standing calve raises (smith machine)315

Thursday (Chest) + 45 min Cardio & Abs in the Morning

One week dumbbell, other week barbell
Squat3tilll failiure
Flat bench-press315
Incline Bench-press315
Decline Bench-press315
Flat fly’s315
Bench machine2Till Failiure

Friday (Arms) + 45 min Cardio & Abs in the Morning

Triceps pushdown315
Scull crushers with EZ bar315
Tricep Kickback315
Standing barbell curl315
Seated dumbbell Curl315
Preacher curl EZ bar315
Standing dumbbell hammer curl215

Saturday rest & Sunday cardio + Abs

  • 45min CARDIO: 15 min Treadmill (Level 7,incline 6) ,
  • 10min Flying Walker,
  • 10 Stepper (Hit it hard)
  • ABS: 3 x Different Exercises (3 x 30)

What is your diet like?

I have a maintenance diet, which I follow right through the year. If I’m not competing I follow this diet through the week and then on weekends I cheat and eat what ever I want.

Diet and Nutritional Plan

2 x USN Phedracut Hardcore or Phedracut Lipo XT caps 30 min before breakfast

Meal 1 (Breakfast) – 100g rolled Oats plus USN 100% whey protein with semi skimmed milk/water

USN CLA 1000 tablets 30 min, 1 USN Vitamin C

Meal 2 – 2 x wholemeal bread plus 4 egg whites and 1 yolk poached/scrambled or cup Quinoa and Chicken Breast

2 xUSN Phedracut Lipo XT caps 30 min before Lunch

Meal 3 (Lunch) – Jacket potato with a tin of tuna / Chicken Breast

2 x USN CLA 1000 tablets 30 min

Meal 4 – White/brown pasta (60g dry) plus 1 Chicken Breast or cup Quinoa and Chicken Breast

*Pre workout drink USN Hyperdrive 30 minutes (prior to training)*

GYM – 1 hour intense/pushing to limit training
Post workout drink USN Hardcore Whey Gh

2 x USNPhedracut Lipo XT caps 30 min before dinner

Meal 5 (Dinner) – 250g sweet potato plus chicken breast/steak/fish

2 x USN CLA 1000 tablets 30 min

Meal 6 – USN IGF-1 protein shake  with HGH500 (1 tea spoon Before bed) or 6 scrambled eggs

This is a high carb, high protein balanced diet, which will aid fat burn and increase muscle size/endurance/strength. To supplement this diet I also have 3 servings of Salmon oil tablets throughout the day and I also drink 3L to 4L still Water every day!

USN Phedracut Lipo XT 5days ON 2 days OFF!

*Each meal must be 2 – 3 hours out of each other

What supplements do you take?

USN Phedracut Lipo XT
USN CLA 1000
USN  Hyperdrive (Pre – Workout)
USN IGF-1 protein shake
USN Hardcore Whey GH
USN Vitamin C

How do you maintain a balance between fitness, studying/working, and a social life?

Everything in life is about balance and therefore I make time for all of those areas in my life. I think the biggest problem most people have is focusing too much on the physical outter appearance and not spending equal time in feeding your thoughts with the right “nutrition” (Positive thoughts).  Too much of anything is bad for you and its so important to make time for family, friends, social activities, hobbies and your training. A well-balanced combination of all those things constitutes to a healthy lifestyle.  Not really a big drinker but occasionally enjoy a beer or wine.

Who inspires you?

  • Mohammad Ali
  • Albe Geldenhuys (USN CEO & Founder)
  • Greg Plitt (World Number 1 Fitness Athlete & Motivational speaker)
  • Anthony Robbins

Favorite Quote/s?

If you apply the 3 D’s  (Dedication, Determination & Discipline) and you fuel that with passion every single day of your life, you’ve got a one way ticket to Success!

 What advice do you have for other young aspiring bodybuilders?

Make sure you set realistic short and long-term goals. Educate yourself with the right diet and training program from the start. Focus on quality and not quantity and be persistent with your training. Be Dedicated, Determined and Disciplined and you will see the results will motivate you to work and push yourself harder. A healthy Body is a healthy mind and any form of exercise is good for the body and soul

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