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New Study Shows Exercise Improves Sex Life

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We might have finally found a way to get ourselves off the couch: A new study has evidence that men who exercise might receive enormous benefits in their sex lives.

Staying in shape: The study, published March 20 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, examined both activity levels and sexual function in a group of 295 healthy men using self-reported questionnaires.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the men who hit the gym most had a major leg up in the bedroom. The study found that highly active men had the highest sexual function scores, which included the ability to have erections and orgasms, as well as the quality and frequency of erections.

What qualifies someone as highly active? According to Science Daily, “frequent exercise” averages out to “two hours of strenuous exercise, such as running or swimming, 3.5 hours of moderate exercise or six hours of light exercise.”

Notably, while past studies have found a link between exercise and erectile function, this study is the first to include a significant number of African-American subjects, who are often underrepresented. The results show that a few more laps around the block do indeed benefit all men, no matter their race or ethnicity.

On the flip side, the couch potato participants in the study had reportedly the lowest sexual function of all. Listen, guys: Season three of House of Cards is good, but not that good.

Author:Kate Hakala

via: mic.com